[VIDEOS] BIGBANG's video messages for SE7EN before his enlistment! (130308)

| Friday, March 8

T.O.P's message:~
  • SE7EN has a warm heart, and he is the man of determination yet sensibility. His kindness for not only his younger brother fellows but his family and steps around him is always in my memory. It was a very precious time for me that SE7EN and I were drinking wine, talking about a lot of things heart to heart each other like own brothers. I'll be feeling lonely and 2 years seems like a long time for me.  I'll be waiting for you here in Seoul so please keep yourself healthy and take care.
  • But then again, I bet all of his fans who came to SE7EN's fan meeting having a heavy heart right now though. As I know him, I trust SE7EN will complete his military service very well and return to us. So if you guys let him go with a light heart, I'm sure that you will be appreciated him more when he comes back. SE7EN Hwaiting!
Taeyang's message:~
  • It has been almost more than 10 years since i've know him. For a long time, he really cares about me and GD. I have so many memories with him and it feels like the time we shared together went by so fast. Especially, I remember that when we were having hard times as trainees, the only person who's always there for us was SE7EN. I have never forgotten his kindness. And after we made our debut, he gave us a lot of supports and advice. He was our strength at that time. Especially for me and GD, SE7EN has always been a reliable supporter to lean on when we are weak. 
  • This is why SE7EN is a very special person to me, like my own brother. I'll never forget his kindness. I'm sure the fans in Japan and everyone who loves SE7EN's music can feel his wonderful heart. Feel it through SE7EN's voice & music. Because that, a lot of SE7EN's fans have been supported him for a long time. Please look forward to seeing SE7EN's great music and stage. This moment with SE7EN should be really special for all of you, I hope you have a great time here and remember him in your hear forever. SE7EN Fighting!  

Daesung's message:~
  • Ahhh.. Was it 8 years ago? To me he was a big senior, And he's the perfect senior to me at the time. He has a big presence with a perfect image to me. Its depends how you look at him but some people might think he looks cold at first, But as far as I know he is very kind-hearted person and has a leadership to lead people. 
  • I went to his concert the other day and definitely thought that he has a power to move people's heart. SE7EN bro, you always give us a good advise and a lot of supports, So I'd like to say thank you for always been supportive in my life. SE7EN dont let us forget SE7EN in our heart.

G-Dragon's Message:~
  • >Ah~ SE7EN is~ I think I was maybe 13 years old? when i first met him. 13~14 years? I've known him for a long time. Of course, SE7EN is really cool right now. But back then he appeared to be someone just came out from the fairy tale book or something. I felt for the first time 'wow there is a man who looks pretty like that'...
  • >He is a really fun person who has a great energy and a lot to learn from. And best of all, he has such a good heart. About life when I was trainee so I think he influenced me to become BIGBANG. Since ive known SE7EN for a long time i've got a lot of episodes. Hm If i tell you these episodes, SE7EN could be in a trouble, so i rather shut my mouth.. Kkkk~ I love you SE7EN!

Seungri's Message:~
  • > It was 8 years ago when I first met SE7EN. At that time, SE7EN was a huge star in Korea already. When I first met him, I was thinking in my mind that Wow! That's SE7EN! He has such a small face! He is handsome~! First of all, I think SE7EN is a really cool artist who sings so well. His dance skill is outstanding, and he is a very warm-hearted person. 
  • > I just really envy him because he sings so well. Also, SE7EN has such a strong head. We drink together, all of BIGBANG members got drunk first before him. I wonder how he drinks so well. SE7EN, we always feel thankful for you. Since i was little, I've tried hard to model myself after SE7EN. Today i hope SE7EN will enjoy the time with his loved fans and keep your energies high as always. I always support you.

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