[PHOTOS] G-Dragon, CL & Kasabianskc’s Instagram + LINE Updates! (130331)

| Sunday, March 31
  • @IBGDRGN: "concert is~~~~~~~~~~~~ over!!!!!!Those who came to the show spending your precious time,staffs who worked hard,guests, dancers,band,chorus all~~~~~~!!Thank you so much and love you. Peace!!!"

  • @IBGDRGN: "daebak!!! They're so good Oohchuchuchu they're so good!!!!
  • @Realtaeyang: @IBGDRGN: *smiling shyly*
  • @Chearin_CL: Muahhh!!~~
  • @Kasabianskc: *GD&CL&KEY*

  • @Kasabianskc: *DG&B5S&KEY*

  • @GD on LINE Updates: "Its over, the end!! itssss over, is it over? over overrr over over!!!!! Finally one of a kind seoul!! show is over!! mixed feelings... but! it was a good show so im gonna be happy for now^^^^^ thank you soo much for coming and look forward to my friends

    Stay with us for more GD updates^o^

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