[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Instagram, LINE & Twitter Convo with Seungri! (130328)

| Thursday, March 28

  • @IBGDRGN: "Im super ultra man"

  • @xxxibgdrgn: "xxxinxx chaelin_cl"

  • @xxxibgdrgn: "All eyes on me @LXXSXXHKKK xxxinxx Yangaeng and Hyuksu's eyeball one by one”

  • chaelin_cl: "Photo by GDGDBABYBABY"
  • @GD on LINE Updates: "Who am i and where am i nowwww we're starting out Deux!!"

  • @GD on LINE Updates: "yoy yoy~~ I went to see my friend Hanhee Gye's show with my friends today, It was packed! good to see it was successful show~~ good luck to you sis" 

  • @IBGDRGN: @ForvictoRi: "Hyung, Thank you"
  • @ForvictoRi: @@IBGDRGN: "Yeah^^ Do well on your performance. I will be sitting where you can see me well. Kwon Ji Yong fighting S2”
  • @IBGDRGN: @ForvictoRi: "Do you want to die?" <.<
  • @ForvictoRi: @@IBGDRGN: "@.@;;;;"

    Stay with us for more GD updates^o^

     Source: @IBGDRGN//@xxxibdgrgn//@chaelin_cl + @ForvictoRi
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