[NEWS] BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby for Wii ‘K-POP Dance Festival’ Game! (130422)

| Monday, April 22

Wii to release ‘K-POP Dance Festival’ Game on April 25th!

“Dance is the Healing” for Sknoec, a Korean developer that’s making the only Wii game exclusive to Korea. Imagine Just Dance with K-pop songs and dance moves, that’s pretty much what K-Pop Dance Festival is. 

Skonec pulled together artists like Wonder Girls, Kara, T-ara, Lee Hi, 2NE1, and of course Psy who is famous for “Gangnam Style.” Here’s a list of songs confirmed for K-Pop Dance Festival: 

  1. “Fantastic Baby” from BigBang 
  2. “Mister” from Kara 
  3. “Roly Poly” from T-ara
  4.  “압구정 날라리” from Infinite Challenge hosts Lee Juk and Yoo Jae Suk 
  5. “Honey” from JYP 
  6. “10 Minutes” from Lee Hyo Ri 
  7. “Beautiful Night” from Beast 
  8. “1, 2, 3, 4” from Lee Hi 
  9. “I Don’t Care” from 2NE1 
  10. “Nobody” from Wonder Girls 
  11. “Gangnam Style” from Psy 
There are a total of 26 songs in the game ranging from the 80′s, 90′s, and recent hits. K-Pop Dance Festival is slated for release on April 25.

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