[NEWS] Zion T to Release Album with Taeyang’s Support! (130403)

| Wednesday, April 3

On April 9, Zion T will be releasing his first solo album, Red Light, which is already raising a lot of anticipation. 

With his unique and smooth voice, Zion T has recently been spotlighted through various collaborations with many artists including Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, Infinite H and more. 

Among the large group of people awaiting the release of Zion T’s first album is Big Bang Taeyang, who gave the young singer a shout out on his Twitter.
On March 27, Taeyang tweeted, “New Korean R&B cats, Zion T and Crush. Check them out!!” Zion T replied with, “Thanks! I’m a fan.

Taeyang then added, “I’m listening to your music. :) I look forward to your good music!”

Stay with us for more updates! ^o^

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