[PHOTO] G-Dragon x Daily Sports Online: World Tour in Osaka! (130428)

| Sunday, April 28

GD regarding his Osaka concert injury, “It wasn’t a big injury so you don’t have to worry. I’m really fine, no worries.

There is also no problem in walking for me & I also plan on great performances for the rest of the Japan tour.”

  • >>>"GD got hurt so he sat on the chair during "MichiGO" performance ㅠㅠㅠ

[INFO] Previously, G-Dragon update on his LINE:~
  • "Today's concert in Osaka finished.. I hurt a little on the stage.. I'm sorry. i wanna show best performance but.. i think i cant.) rest well today and I hope get better see u tomorrow!  For those who have helped until the end,thank you very much! 

Stay with us for more updates! ^o^

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