[PHOTOS] G-Dragon, Mina Kwon & Ben Baller's Instagram/LINE Updates! (130411-12)

| Friday, April 12
  • @benballer: "That would be @xxxibgdrgn the most famous cat in Asia rocking my 1 kilo Cuban & Jesus piece #Giyongchy #OneOfAKind #GD #BenBallerAll
  • He also tweeted, "And whatever chain I make GD will be spectacular. Better than what I made Michael Jackson or anyone else. It's that K pride!".....
  • @xxxibgdrgn: "GOLD Everything Don't believe me J watch @benballer
  •  @benballer: “Private gangnam #giyongchy karaoke sessions with @xxxibgdrgn and @uknowminakwon”

  • @u6ak: “GD last night"

  • @u6ak: “GD!!!"

  • @benballer: "Family @ jparkitrighthere, @uknowminakwon

  • @kasabianskc : Thanks~ GD. Ma bro^^
  • @uknowminakwon: "Gd and me and ben baller ballin right thurrrrrr ~ #turntup~ lol" [Mina Kwon is at the middle between GD & Ben Baller~ lols~]
  • @uknowminakwon: "Freshhh mother f*&kers right Hete~ @crush9244 @jparkitrighthere @benballer And 구뤠이~! #turnup .... [FYIGD with CRUSH, Mina Kwon, and JAY PARK at Ben Baller's Party!]
  • @xxxibgdrgn: "Cuties" (FYI: Its a Snoopy Dolls)

  • So VIPs, Go grab this #MichiGO Stickers for only $2.99. Enjoy! ^o^

Stay with us for more GD updates.

 Source: @IBGDRGN//@xxxibdgrgn// @uknowminakwon + @benballer + @u7ak
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