[PHOTOS] Daesung @ D'scover Tour 2013 in Kagawa, Japan! (130524)

| Saturday, May 25

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  1. A fan caught Daesung's towel today and said it smelt like flowers.
  2. Daesung ate roasted chicken last night in Kagawa, he said "male chicken meat is hard, female's softer"
  3. A 7 yrs old girl sits at the front row, Daesung keeps smiling at her when she waves her hand.
  4. Kagawa is a place that Japan idols seldom hold their concert there. There's no 2nd show if BB holds their 1st, So those VIP who lives at there felt very happy. They always fly to Tokyo to watch BB.
  5. A 50-years old woman said "I won't be able to meet you in 50 years" Dae with a smile '50 year later is OK. Let's meet'...
  6. Daesung's black tank top -Plus Filled CH Plus Tank Top By Chrome Heart

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