[PHOTOS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates! (130510)

| Friday, May 10

Seung-chan Diary: “The start of my big success in Japan”

Today in Japan, I had a recording at TBS for Nichi Jyu Engei Parade show!! For the show, all the young comedians will appear to present their gags! ^^

I really had fun meeting all of them since they’re probably going to be the stars soon^^

And also, this is my first time appearing together with the MC, Imada Kouji san!:~

When I went to greet the casts, they said “VI-kun!! I always went to your live concerts, every time!!”, that made me really happy.

Also, they really know about me and they “butt-in” when I did some jokes!! They helped me a lot TT

(T/N “butt-in” or tsukkomu is a way of reacting to joke in comedy culture in Japan)

Next is the MC, Knights san!

During VI’s Complete Victory Declaration we had appeared together! I’m really happy to meet them again after 1 year!! (≧∇≦)

The moment I saw them, I ran and went to hug them!!

After that, at night, I had another show recording and I met Rola chan after a long time!!

With Rola, I feel that we’re good friends. Thanks as always Rola!!

I became all hyped because it’s been awhile since my last appearance on variety shows in Japan! ^^ Please look forward when the shows going to be aired! VIP JAPAN Sorry to have kept you waiting!! 

From now on, VI will start to be very active in Japan. Please give me support!!...

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

Source: @seungriseyo//Translation: Momo (@mmvvip)
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