[NEWS] G-Dragon Entertains 20,000 Fans in Bangkok, Thailand! (130610)

| Monday, June 10

Big Bang′s G-Dragon gathered 20,000 fans for his world tour concert in Thailand, and had an exciting time with everyone there.

From June 7-8, G-Dragon held his One of a Kind world tour in Bangkok.

He now has only three cities left (Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore) in the tour which has been going on since March.

G-Dragon appeared onstage in a sports car while singing MichiGO, then went on to sing Heartbreaker and One of a Kind with some stunning choreography. He sang a total of 20 songs this day, including Butterfly and That XX.

The guest of the day turned out to be Seungri. Seungri sang his solo single Strong Baby and What Can I Do onstage, and also collaborated with G-Dragon in a performance of Bad Boy.

G-Dragon′s tour plans to go through a total of eight countries. Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, assistant producer and choreographer for Michael Jackson′s This Is It tour, have been working as the tour′s creative director, while Michael Cotton, also of Michael Jackson′s This Is It, took over stage design.  

NOTE: G-Dragon will next perform in Indonesia from June 15th to 16th.

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