[PHOTO] Taeyang's Twitter & Instagram Updates: BOSS! (130609-11)

| Tuesday, June 11
  • >>>@youngbeezzy: "보스야 좀만 힘내 형이 기도할게" means "Be strong, Boss. I'll pray for you" #prayforboss
"Previously, he tweeted:~

  • >>>@Realtaeyang: "Boss is getting surgery today due to a sudden hip disc. Please pray that the surgery will be a success & he can walk to me again.."
  1. >>>@Realtaeyang: "Thank you so much to the doctors at Irion in Cheongdam-dong. Especially Dr. Lee Jaeyong.. I appreciate it!!”.....
  2. >>>@Realtaeyang: ”Goodbye boss.. I was so happy and I had so much fun for 5 years.. Thank you and Hyung is sorry”...

  • >>>@Realtaeyang: ”Our pretty Boss.. You left early to not trouble your family, and chose not to show your sickness for long.. How kind..”Thank u for always staying by my family for me.. I'll miss you a lot.. Hyung is so sorry for not doing anything for u”....

NOTE: R.I.P to BOSS, Deep condolence goes out to Dong Youngbae..Stay strong always.. TT__TT

Source: @Realtaeyang//@youngbeezzy//Trans:@kristnekwak
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