[PHOTOS] D-Lite's D'scover Tour in Osaka, Japan: "Day 2" (130616)

| Sunday, June 16
The D'scover DLive truck!!!!!

Fans Account:
  • >Gummy is the guest for today's concert, she said "Daesung isn't feeling well tdy, everyone pls cheer for him ok?^^"
  • >Gummy: "What y'all like about Daesung?" VIP: "SMILE! VOICE! TOOTH!" Gummy: "what..ya tooth?"
  • >A guy sits front row & Dae asked "what's ur name?", the guy replied & Dae: "Ken?n?Ke?te?Ten is a nice name! big eyes!"
  • >Today Daesung got a lil bit angry. When Daesung was speaking on the stage, VIPs called his name & Dae replied immediately: "Don't u all know the condition right now? Don't call my name now.." VIPs silence after heard Dae's reply..
  • >The concert was pretty much the same today cept Dae's throat was much better & he sang v powerfully esp in baby don't cry. 
  • >Dae also interacted a lot with the crowd today. He pretended to shoot a boy in the crowd but the boy didn't respond lol
  • >During the Joyful encore chorus when he asked the men to sing again, the camera picked out a few men today. Dae was impressed w 1 who had eyes closed & shouting out the chorus lol. Dae gave him his waterbottle lol
  • >There were actually a few men on top floor shouting their lungs out to the chorus but Dae didn't hear!
  • >Loads of chest pumping today too for look at me gwisoon during encore & 2nd encore
  • >He threw a lot of small things into the crowd today. Teased us many times with taking off hoodie halfway hahahahah!!
  • >He faced the back when he took off his tee to reveal his wifebeater. His back muscles Oh lordy
  • >The chain moment today waa different. He was bent over w chain around his upper chest. Making sexy sounds agn kekkkekek
  • >When he ended his 2nd encore, we chanted his name even before he went off stage. He kept walking in.. then walked off. He did this twice until he finally stopped cos we didn't stop shouting for him HehHe talked to individual fans from front row today asking them what they wanted as encore song. 1 fan was so excited she was just trying not to squeal lol.
  • >Today there were so many fans screaming his name & most were high pitched. Dae once replied by imitating a high pitched voice saying 'niii!' with a funny face hahhhahahahah
  • >Dae left the building in his van 5min ago. See u in Yokohama angel! ♥The black wifebeater really emphasize Dae's heavily muscled upper body. He's starting to look like his small eyed bro KJK lol

We'll be update more Daesung photos once available. Stay with us for more updates^^

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