[PHOTOS/FANACC] D-Lite D'scover Tour in Yokohama, Japan! (130618)

| Tuesday, June 18

Fans Account:
  • >Daesung introduced himself as “Ichiban Dlite”
  • >Today’s daesungie’s dancers are called “DLITE DANCERS”
  • >Gummy is today’s guest at DLIVE in Yokohama
  • >Rumor is that Seungri is also present for dlive today! But there are no photos yet to confirm it!
  • >The rehearsal session for todays concert has just ended, the stage is bigger than osaka's stage #DscoverDlite
  • >YG, GD, Lee Hi attended the concert. During rehearsal,  Daesung introduced Lee Hi on his concert in Yokohama!
  • >Lee Hi is with Akdong Musician at Daesung concert in Japan. The ‘cold and chic’ sunbae. lol
  • >Today is Daesung's last concert in Japan~!! Sooo Proud of Yokohama~ Hwaiting....!!~~
  • >Gummy asked the vips, "What is DAE 's charm part?? Jiyong:FACE !!!!!!!!!! FACE !!!! Daesung !!!! Daesung !!!!! Daesung !!!!!
  • The guitarist chained up daesung once again and Daesung pretended that he can’t move but he broke free.
  • >Official event For DLIVE IN YOKOHAMA > at HELLO Dae will introduce us VIP JAPAN n we just make a heart like this!!
  • >Today’s encore: Wings, Joyful, Look at me Gwison (cheating pumping with him)
  • >Watch fancam of GD below:~

We'll be update more Daesung photos once available. Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: @bbryhthm//ki23ri@YT//Via @esakwon


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