[PHOTOS] Daesung @ D'scover Tour 2013 in Shiga, Japan + Fan Account! (130613)

| Thursday, June 13

D-LIVE - Biwako hall (SHIGA) Japan

Fan Account:
  • >Daesung's concert venue for today in Biwako Hall, Shiga, Japan. He's current hair color is Grey & he wore white t-shirt & jeans.
  • >Dae’s throat is not in a good condition so he apologized to the fansㅠㅠ
  • >Rehearsal for Daesung’s concert had just ended, he sang 3 songs: Powerful Boy, Wings & Joyful.
  • >Daesung talk a lot during the rehearsal & spoke to 2 fans from Seoul who wore Hanbok 
  • >Today’s encore, Dae asked for encore fees, 500 yen
  • >Today live hold in Dlive guitarist’s hometown,so their conversation are more
  • >Fans was asking Dae to sang more song but he’s already walking to the backstage but then changed his mind & walk back to stage. He said he’ll sing more song IF fans win by playing scissor rock paper game with him. He then choose one fan to play with him. At the end, that fan lose to him & Daesung ended the rehearsal. LOL
  • >Dae: I came here for the 1st time. What’s Shiga famous for? Fans answered: Lake Biwa. Dae replies: Awww
  • >Then he noticed a fan in a T-shirt with some (IDK) Korean words on it. He asked what is it… then said “It matches you well” with ‘ero’-face. Then he kept on asking: “Where did you buy? In Seoul?” with curious expression...
  • >After Zenryoku, Wings & Joyful he left the stage saying “I have an appontment” Fans: Kang Dae-Sung! Dae (in his usual S-type play): “In Japan I’m D-LITE!”
  • >So fans started to shout: Di-Rai-to!!
    but he again said: “I need to play rock, paper, scissors with rep”....

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