[PHOTOS] G-Dragon @ Press Conference in Singapore! (130629)

| Saturday, June 29

A Fan Account during Press Conference:~
  • A video is playing before GD comes out!
  • Does GD miss his band members while on tour? Yes! So it's good to have them around (as guests)
  • The members are of great support to me especially when they are free and appear as guests, he is very happy that all his Japan dome tours were successful and attributes it to the fans!
  • GD is very thankful to all SG fans! He hopes he has a lot of fun and enjoy the show~ GD says we can look forward to his opening outfit the most this OOAK tour! He feels it's really cool!
  • Why just a cap for SG's press con compared to Taiwan's hat? Cause he needs to show new looks and he just liked the hat in Taiwan
  • GD feels that there isnt a particular challenging segment of OOAK tour but he will be under the rain for one segment! For SG's league, GD feels that 2NE1 is a good guest as they are trustworthy and can make an impact that he wants to portray
  • He learnt a lot while preparing for this tour and he is grateful for all the artists he has worked with and lessons he has learnt, at first he was definitely very nervous and worried working with big artists but as it went on they helped him and he was grateful.
  • GD doesn't know when exactly his new album will be but he is working very hard but do continue supporting ^~^. He aims that his album will be out in August but it's not confirmed! he thinks he's on the right track artist wise but he will always keep wanting more and he will always work hard. 
  • GD says as a fashionista he will NEVER go nude//GD hopes all his fans will like whatever music he likes to produce and will be producing/releasing. One Production rep says GD is truly a fashion and music icon! Don't we all agree!!
  • GD answered a question asked by SG K-Wave: Does he want to work with any particular artist? He says not really but it's hard to pick one as they need to have the same vision so they can build synergy
  • GD says thank you and I love you to the press and has taken his leave! 

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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