[NEWS] Daesung releases his first solo single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan on the 31st! (130731)

| Wednesday, July 31

DAESUNG of BIGBANG is releasing his first solo single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan on July 31st.

“I LOVE YOU” is a well-known song of Yutaka Ozaki, and the Position’s version of the song released in 2000 has enjoyed a huge popularity in Korea. DAESUNG’s interpretation of this popular song harmonizes its familiar melody and his compelling voice. Not only that, the soon-to-be-released version reflects deeper yet more sophisticated emotions than the original version. 

As a member of BIGBANG, DAESUNG has so far emphasized his clean voice and charismatic dance performance. Having said that, he has also showcased another aspect of his vocal ability with sad, ballad songs to enthrall his fans with the release of his first solo album “D'SCOVER” and the latest single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan.

The latest song is gaining more attention thanks to Japan’s most gifted violinist Taro Hakase’s collaboration. DAESUNG has said that “In the new version of ‘I LOVE YOU,’ Taro Hakase’s violin sounds and my voice harmonize to create a completely different version of the song, compared to other previous ones.” 
The music video of the latest song of DAESUNG stresses his unique voice with its lyrical scenes describing a sad love story of a couple. The video has already caught many fans’ attention as it contains DAESUNG’s first-ever kiss scene with actress Jung Yeon-joo.

The brand-new song is also known to have been selected as the theme song of Japanese TV drama titled “I LOVE YOU.” On the 18th, DAESUNG made a surprising appearance as a guest at an outdoor screening event for UULA in Tokyo in order to promote the drama. At the event, Japanese actresses and other guests applauded and cheered DAESUNG for his perfect performance of “I LOVE YOU.”

Earlier this year, DAESUNG unveiled his solo album “D'SCOVER,” and became the first Korean solo singer from a group to rank second on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Moreover, he successfully performed at his solo tour D-LITE D'scover Tour 2013 in Japan in 20 cities for 26 occasions, wowing as many as 100,000 fans. Building on such a success in Japan, DAESUNG is expected to garner even more popularity in the country by releasing a brand-new single album. 

  • Wacth also I LOVE YOU M/V below:~

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