[NEWS] Inkigayo accidentally announces Seungri's Comeback instead of G-Dragon! (130714)

| Sunday, July 14

During today’s Inkigayo, one of the MCs of the show mistakenly announces that Seungri will have his solo comeback next week. In the video below, Kwang-hee said that BIGBANG’s Seungri will be making his comeback along with other singers like Infinite, Beast, Kim Hyunjoong and more.

The mistake was made when they were supposed to announce G-Dragon’s comeback in August. According to an Inkigayo official, “It’s not sure if the production team wrote Seungri’s name on the cue card by mistake or if Kwanghee erroneously read the script since it all happened while they were busy during the ending part.”

OSEN called YG Entertainment to comment and a representative said that “There’s currently no schedule for Seungri’s comeback. Plans in the pipeline right now are G-Dragon and Taeyang’s solos and Kang Seungyoon’s.”

Inkigayo's officials said that they made a mistake. They were going to announce G-Dragon's comeback in August but said Seungri by mistake. Inkigayo's officials said that they made a mistake. They were going to announce GD's comeback but said Seungri by mistake. 

YG also mentioned that, Seungri's comeback isn't a part of our plan. As of now, G-dragon, Taeyang and Kang SeungYoon are waiting for their comeback. "Not sure if it was staff who wrote the script or if it was Kwang Hee's mistake but it happened as they were rushing.
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