[NEWS] YG Life Update: TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album to be released in September! (130715)

| Monday, July 15

How is TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album going?

TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album that is to be released in September is his first one in 3 years.

To make it an album in which he can be completely satisfied with, TAEYANG himself is in charge of everything related to album production.

Unlike G-DRAGON who has an experience of being fully in charge of producing BIGBANG’s entire albums and his own solo album, it’s the first time for TAEYANG to be producing on his own, so it may take him some time.

But we believe that the hardship will reap a fruit for his career and that the skills gained will aid him in many ways for the rest of his music life.

For the last few years, TAEYANG has been working not only with the main producers but also been travelling to the United States several times to work with world-renowned songwriters. Just a few days ago we completed the track list of about 10 songs for his 2nd regular album, so there will be no change in plan for releasing it in September.

To be continued… Thank you!

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