[PHOTOS/TRANS] Daesung on Haru Hana Japanese Magazine Vol.19! (130723)

| Tuesday, July 23
DAESUNG on haru*hana magazine Vol.019 

Q: Word that makes D-LITE happy?
DS: Hmm... ‘Erotic’ (laughs) Call me ‘Erotic’ from now on, please (laughs)

Q: What is your charm that makes so many fans love you so much? Your voice, smiling face, muscles, kindness... Tell us what you think is the most attractive.

DS: Probably my small eyes and my big nose? (laughs) Hmm... I don’t really know. I want to ask you guys!
Q: Tell us how other members reacted when they heard your song, [I LOVE YOU]
DS: G-DRAGON heard it and told me “Good~ You’re doing well...” (laughs)

Q: You’re really good at Japanese, what’s your favorite Japanese word at the moment?

DS: [びんかん(means sensitive)] I learned it yesterday. Because the word is pronounced the same in Korean as well so I thought they were similar (laughs). I also like the word [ちんぷんかん(means nonsense)]. I don’t know why but I memorized it after hearing it once. There aren’t really a lot of times I would use that word though (laughs).

Q: Women’s action that makes your heart beat?

DS: When a woman smiles and when she works hard at her work. I think it’s cool.
Q: When singing a D-LITE’s song, what do we have to work on to sing professionally and heartwarmingly like you?
DS: I don’t think your singing ability matters. What matters is how much you practice and whether you have sang before or not, it’s important that you can sincerely put your memories and experiences to a song.
I have a friend that can’t sing well but he has a voice that touches your heart, and I think that’s because he sincerely thinks about the purpose when he’s singing.

Q: Although D-LITE is always bright and happy, I think you had times when you failed and felt depressed. When those times come, what do you do to motivate yourself?
DS: I usually stay by myself when that happens. I exercise, rest for a little bit and I take a long bath to refresh myself.

Q: Last time, I went to D-LITE’s Yokohama Arena LIVE. When I heard your song I got goose bumps and I stopped waving the fanlight and I just sighed in awe until the song ended. Have you ever felt the same listening to someone’s song?
DS: Yes, many times. I think that happens when you can feel the message the singer is trying to convey. Recently I went to a Japanese TV event and I was really touched when I heard Ayaka singing.
D-LITE: I don’t really go to cafes since I don’t drink coffee. Even when I go, I order a fruit smoothie 100% of the time. Especially I like to order orange and tomato smoothie. I usually don’t drink drinks with syrups. I drink water or tea a lot.

D-LITE: He is someone who I can have a very deep conversation with and I think of him as my real brother. When I have worries or troubles I always go to SOL for advice and he’s an awesome guy with a big, warm heart.

D-LITE: In fashion, I like comfortable stuff like sweats. But appearance is important too! I take both comfort and style into consideration.

D-LITE: I’ve been listening to Alrakiss(?)’s new album and to George Benson. I like the music from the 70s~80s and I listen to music from that era a lot. I also listen to learn more about music.

D-LITE: I don’t really like TOP.....Just kidding (laughs). Even though he’s the oldest, he’s a nice person that lets us joke about these things. I think he understands VI and me (Maknae line) the most.

D-LITE: I don’t like sweet things like Japanese traditional sweets. But I love the sweetness that comes from fruits. I love all fruits but I especially like watermelons, melons and tangerines in the summer.

D-LITE: I am thankful that he’s BIGBANG’s leader. We have fun when we’re playing around but when recording or working, he’s very strict and has an objective opinion, so he’s awesome!

D-LITE: I love looking at animals... but I can’t touch them (laughs). I am weak in front of animals because I can’t talk to them. Even when I say “Don’t come near me” they still come (laughs). For the same reasons, I’m scared of bugs and ghosts....

D-LITE: I envy his brightness and his confidence (laughs). I’m the concerned type and I always have worries... But when I look at VI’s positive sides, I think to myself that I should cheer up too.

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