[PHOTO] Seungri's Weibo & Diary Updates! (130826)

| Monday, August 26
  • >Seungri on Weibo: "I did an interview ^^my chinese fans check my interview"

Previously, he also update his diary below:~  

Third place for valuable than first. I am now in Korea for my activities for my new mini album "Let's talk About Love". I got an email from my mom last night. "Don't tell your dad, Seungri. He got in third place at an amateur golfing competition yesterday!" 

Okay... ah, really? Yes. Ah, REALLY??? WHAT? MY DAD CAME IN THIRD PLACE??? Last time in the morning, it seemed like my dad was going somewhere after his meal. "Where are you going?" "Golfing." "Golfing again? I thought golfing was just for fun! Why are you putting all the effort?" "It's the same thing as singing for you^^" He once said that. Ah really? So there was a competition. He didn't know I knew about this. I thought it had been long since he quit being a professional golfer. 

Third's amazing. Dad. How hard were you working? My mom told me that he told her "How can I tell Seungri that I didn't get first?" Hmmm. What is this feeling? I've always wanted to become a father like my dad... But I realized that he was an amazing person. I cain't directly tell my dad, but his third place is more special than being in the first place.. He was hardworking. Dad. Sorry for not realizing this earlier.. Next.. I.. no.. let's all go for the first place. ALL OF US FOR THE FIRST PLACE! GO!
Seungri with his family...

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