[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk Talks about Seungri's Comeback + More Teaser Info! (130816)

| Friday, August 16

YG Entertainment’s head Yang Hyun Suk revealed his expectations on Seungri, who will soon release a new solo album, while also lavishing him with praise.

YG told Star News on the 15th, “Lately I’ve been editing Seungri’s new solo album title song Gotta Talk To You's music video myself. I've noticed that Seungri has changed into a better person and he's at the best time of his life right now.”

"Except for the times Seungri had Japanese promotions, he was always at the YG building working hard on his solo album without rest. Out of all the artists I saw, Psy was the most passionate in music, but even Psy said he couldn’t beat Seungri’s passion for this comeback."

He also shared, “I look at Seungri who can play well and work hard at the same time, and think to myself that I have a lot to learn from him. (Laughs)” Seungri’s second mini album Let’s Talk about Love will be released online on the 19th and will be available in stores on the 20th.
The 4th track on SEUNGRI's 2nd Mini-album <LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE> is '그 딴 거 없어'(There's No Such Thing/I Don't Have Such A Thing).

I will begin talking about something more realistic before I go ahead and introduce the song. You, who is reading this right now, what was the first thing you heard from your significant other after they broke up with you? 'Don't ever call me back', 'Be happy', 'Thanks for everything'.

These are at least some tolerable and understandable things to say. But the thing that some people say that I just can't understand and make me angry is 'I hope you go meet someone better than me'. Someone better than you? Is that really something to say to the person you're breaking up with? If you truly are hoping for me to find a better person, why don't you just stay by my side since you're already standing right in front of me? 

If you're trying to leave, why can't you just leave quietly? Why do you have to say such a thing and leave. This world is small. Just like how everything is connected from one thing to another... why do I end up hearing things about her all the time... It's all over and I don't want to hear about her anymore, but they keep coming into my ears... what angers me even more is that I hear about the person she is dating... what's that all about? Why is it that I hear negative things about the man she's seeing when I've never even met him before and don't even know what he looks like...? 

I tell my friends that I don't care and that it doesn't bother me. But it all digs deeply through my mind... that jerk... is he even treating her well... is he just wearing the mask of a good guy and dating her... could it be that the girl who once left me and told me to meet a better person meeting a better person than me as well..? When we get used to a repetitive and complicated love, it just continues to get more complex... all this has been put into this song.. There's No Such Thing.
Seungri’s second mini album <LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE>
I will introduce the title song of the album “GOTTA TALK TO YOU.”
Do you remember my first solo debut? You will probably remember a 20 year old boy in a tux, sexy dancing with female dancers. Yet it was awkward to see a young boy pretending to be an older man. Even now, when I watch videos from back then, I can still feel the awkwardness. 4 years since, a long time has passed. Many things have happened to me. 

Things that I cannot fully explain in words. Now as a man I want to build a character that can attract female fans. I had to be different because I understood that I can only survive by having different colours than other male artists. So I tried to find a voice that I had never had before. From the very first line of “GOTTA TALK TO YOU,” you will experience a new singing style that is different from the styles that I had before. 

Before I became a member of Big Bang, I was a dancer. Maybe that’s the reason why I seek songs that I can dance to, fast or slow. The composer of “GOTTA TALK TO YOU,” Ham Seungcheon and Kang Wookjin have worked as club DJs. Because they are people who understand what kind of beats and music can excite people, “GOTTA TALK TO YOU” is a piece that wouldn’t be awkward to be played anywhere. Daebak “GOTTA TALK TO YOU!”
“This song, to put it straightforward, is about me. These days a lot of songs about bad girls are out, including Crazy Love by Bumkey and The Baddest Female by CL...."

I think this shows how there really has been an increase in the amount of bad girls in the world. It’s become a generation when it’s not just girls who get tricked by boys, but boys also get tricked by girls. Everything that a certain girl I used to go out with were lies, and whenever I would find out, I would be really shocked. It made both of us frustrated and cold to each other. I felt more angry that she was just waiting for me to say we should break up. 

I put the feelings of pain and anger that she gave me into this song. It starts with a piano and a very angry tone. I needed a tone to go with the men’s side so I asked Kim Jennie of the new YG girl group to do the bridge with charisma. I want to thank Jennie for this. And lastly a message to that girl. You get back what you do to others. Listen to this song and get your head straight.”
Seungri's Facebook update D-2 I'm going to talk about the music video of Bigbang Seungri's 2nd solo mini album <LETS TALK ABOUT LOVE>'s title song "GOTTA TALK TO YOU". 
This music video isn't limited to a specific story or a concept, but I wanted to make a video that really suits the music. I'm hoping that my more mature and changed self would show in this music video. 

The king of fantastic filming and the music video director of BIGBANG's BAD BOY, BLUE and MONSTER Han Samin took charge of this music video. Director Han Samin told me and my stylist Jieun at a meeting. "For this music video, Seungri has to look cool" That one word from him made me think of a lot of things. No matter how big the set is and no matter how unique the concept is, those things don't matter unless I look cool. Stylist Jieun who was the stylist for BIGBANG for 8 years said the same too. 

Every clothes look better on people who are cool. She also personally gave me a warm advice that she wants me to grow more maturely in fashion as well. I am confident that this music video is the best solo music video I've ever taken. I had to look cool. Not just a cool guy from outside but a cool guy from the inside as well. And lastly I want to say thanks to model Song Haena for showing her fantastic and attractive acting.

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