[PHOTOS] Seungri's Twitter & Instagram Updates! (130813-16)

| Friday, August 16

  • @seungriseyo: Lee Seung Ri Aka V.i from BigBang New Song ' Gotta Talk To U' MV 8/19 check Ur Youtube! #seungri
  • @Forvictori: "D - 2 LOVE BOX 中 - Small but I put all of our love in here.. Just the heart that loved you makes it heavy enough....”

  • @Forvictori: "D-3. From "You Hoooo!!!" - "Breathtakingly pretty ladies that make today sweet and tonight electrifying..."

  • @Forvictori: "D - 4 COME TO MY 中 - Black lies I steal your beautiful self I'm giving up everything for you ..."
  • @Forvictori: “D-5 GGBE ft. Jenny Kim - I should be saying the same thing. I’m sick of it, too. Just stop everything. Bye, you bad…”
  • @seungriseyo: "Lee Seung Ri Aka V.i from Big bang New Song 'Gotta Talk To U' plz Check Ur itunes" 
  • @Seungriseyo: "Lee Seung Ri aka V.i from BB 2nd MiniAlbum 'Lets talk about Love' 8/19 Check Ur iTunes"
  • @Forvictori: "D-6 From Gotta Talk To U - Do you know that not one person knows about this? Do you know? It's just you and me alone."
  • @Seungriseyo: "D-7 ' Let's talk about Love feat G-Dragon, Taeyang of Big bang'
  • @seungriseyo: "Lee Seung Ri Aka V.i from Big bang New Song 'GGBE feat Jenny kim 8/19 check Ur itunes" #Seungri#Bigbang
  • @seungriseyo: "Seung Ri From Big bang New minialbum 'Let's talk about Love' 8/19 #Seungri#bigbang

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

 Source: @Forvictori//@seungriseyo//Trans:@big_seunghyun
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