[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] G-Dragon attends KCON 2013 in LA! (130825)

| Sunday, August 25
  • >Press Video & Fancam of GD @ KCON 2013:~

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[KCON 2013] When asked who's got his eyes among the rookies? GD answered his favorite rookie/newcomer is EXO. GD said he likes EXO among rookies. G-Dragon also said that he is very glad to be back in LA. He thanked his fans for attending KCON and the Big Bang tour. He's in love with California weather and loves to walk around in the sun. 

When asked where he would go on vacation, GD said he would always come to LA. Plus on his upcoming album, GD said he thinks it's his best work yet and he hopes all of his fans will be excited and support him. G-Dragon's favorite American food is In N Out Burger, and his favorite Korean food is his mom's cooking.

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