[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Seungri's Naver Line Chat: Phone Calls to G-Dragon & Daesung! (130828)

| Wednesday, August 28

Seungri: I haven't even heard his voice for a long time. What if he doesn't answer?
  • Seungri: Hello, this is Seungri from BIGBANG.
  • GD: Be quiet. Shut up. (laughs)
  • Seungri: You're practicing with the band right now, right?
  • GD: It's done and I'm here to practice the choreo.
  • Seungri: You're really busy right now.
  • GD: Yeah, busy.
  • Seungri: GD is the busiest.
  • GD: Not busy as you. *laughs
  • Seungri: Do I have any possibilities as a producer?
  • GD: You're not good, but you work hard. But you just started so you'll get better.
  • Seungri: I listened to your new songs from your album!
  • GD: You did?
  • Seungri: Yeah. I sneaked in.
  • GD: YA! Who told you to listen to them!
  • GD: So how was it?
  • Seungri: It was awesome!
  • GD: I just made this album, thinking it's the last time, do what I want.
  • Seungri: I'll go to TOP hyung's house and pick him up and make sure he's not late for your concert!
  • GD: That hyung (TOP) is always at his house...
  • Seungri: Last question, what's Seungri to you?
  • GD: To me, Seungri is... TORY!!!!
  • Seungri: TORY!!! NYONGTORY!!!!
  • GD: You're TORY to me.
  • Seungri: TORY!!! Yeah!!
  • Seungri: wow you're cute!! so cute!!!!
  • GD: Yeah, I have schedules, concerts, I'm just doing it my best.
  • Seungri: BIGBANG's too..
  • GD: Yeah, BIGBANG's, worried about that.
  • Seungri: Maybe I should write one song for BIGBANG's album.
  • GD: Yeah, write one.
[TRANS] SEUNGRI x Daesung:~
Seungri: I suddenly miss Daesung hyung. I wonder if he's in Korea. *CALLS DAESUNG* Daesung answers the phone singing GOTTA TALK TO YOU~ and Seungri goes like HUSTLIN~ HUSTLIN~
  • DAE: I'm in Japan right now. Album release event thing. It was so nice to meet my fans.
  • Seungri: I heard your album made a big hit in Japan! I've never heard I made a hit even I did all the promotion!
  • DAE: just rumors..
  • Seungri: No, you don't need to be so modest about that!
  • DAE: It's just rumors.... *LAUGHS HARD*
Phone connection was bad so the phone call hung up lol
  • Seungri: Is he underground? Is he inside an elevator?
*Suddenly Dae calls Seungri back* LOL
  • DAE: Hello fans~ I couldn't say hello for a long time because I've been promoting in Japan.
  • DAE: I'll try to say hi to you as soon as possible.
  • Seungri: People say that we're awkward!
  • DAE: We're not!
Another Seungri Selca below Kkkkk:~

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