[NEWS] New York Times: Comparing G-Dragon to Lady GaGa, Kesha & Nicki Minaj! (130922)

| Sunday, September 22

 “G-Dragon is the Genre’s Style Vanguard”

Foreign media is paying keen attention to G-Dragon’s second full solo album “COUP D’ETAT”. America’s leading daily news New York Times published a review on G-Dragon’s second full solo album in its on-line news edition on September 15, with the title of “K-Pop’s Antic Emissary Raids the Cupboard”.

New York Times’ review on a Korean album that has not even been released in a physical form in the USA is a very unusual event, which tells that G-Dragon’s music is under spotlight not only in Korea but also in overseas. 

New York Times covered G-Dragon’s album under headline of “K-Pop’s Antic Emissary Raids the Cupboard”.

In the article, the title track “Crooked” is introduced as “the genre’s style vanguard”, and G-Dragon is portrayed, “He morphs easily into almost any style, he moves with panache and confidence, and he has a perpetual sense of theater about him."

What is notable in the article is that G-Dragon is compared not to other American male artists but to female musicians with a strong personality such as Lady GaGa, Kisha, and Nicki Minaj.

At the end of the New York Times article, G-Dragon is highly praised with a remark “he’s capable of exciting musical synthesis, and the more he lets his appearance inform his music, the better off he’ll be”.

The article went on to say, “Before long, it’s likely (K-Pop’s) borrowing of (American pop) will be going in the other direction, with the world learning from him.” Along with such a praise, the article covered G-Dragon’s fashion style, tracks released in the new album, and “CRAYON” released last year as well. 

Foreign media outlets’ spotlight on G-Dragon is not new. American men’s magazine COMPLEX published a series of four interviews on him which highlighted G-Dragon’s music and fashion. FUSE TV recommended G-Dragon’s new album, by listing it in its “30 Albums Recommended for This Fall”. UK’s magazine DAZED selected G-Dragon’s “COUP D’ETAT” as one of “Top 10 Music Videos of the Month”.

New York Times’ review on G-Dragon’s album is published in the paper version on September 16.

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