[NEWS] Photographer Hong Jang hyun talks working with G-Dragon! (130909)

| Monday, September 9

G-Dragon stars at a camera under a spotlight from a lighting equipment in the white background. Hidden at a corner of darkness in the shadow created by the light is Hong Jang-hyun (photographer) who became one with his camera. The top artist and the best photographer are about to get down to work.

G-Dragon was born on August 18, 1988. It has already been eight years since he debuted as Big Bang. Photographer Hong Jang-hyun has been with Big Bang since 2007 when they filmed a commercial for a fashion brand. In Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami brilliantly described street lights lining a road as markings of the Earth. At this moment, STARCAST wants to say that he is our markings. The universe called Big Bang and the star called G-Dragon could shine more brightly thanks to him. STARCAST asked to Hong Jang-hyun, “What is your favorite picture of G-Dragon?” Hong Jang-hyun decided to release six pictures of G-Dragon ahead of their release on DRAGON SPACE 8. 

A photographer would love every photo he or she takes. Results, however, are always unpredictable. Some pictures are loved by more people than expected while some others are not. Although Ji-yong and I did the photo shoot as we wanted, but communication with the public also matters. In this sense, some good pictures were excluded from the list of exhibition (B-cuts). The final list, of course, is confirmed by YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk.

  • MAR 2013 - ‘BIG BANG BIG TOP’
  • 2013
Ji-yong is a person who deeply inspires me as a fan as well as a photographer. Ji-yong is good at playing characters. He sometimes becomes a sensitive person, or other times a mysterious one. He does not fear change. Hoping for the world to communicate with his own view, he is very confident. Such confidence stimulates me. He knows how stylish it is to create a style from a style.

  • AUG 2013: ‘BLACK TWINS’
  • AUG 2013 -‘BLACK TWINS’
What I care about most during photographing is a moment. I think that a good star picture captures a moment. I believe that a good star picture allows a viewer to enjoy the fun to peek his beauty through pictures. In other words, it produces an image coveted by a viewer.

  • SEP 2013: < COUP D’ETAT >
This selection for STARCAST gave me an opportunity to think about the B-cuts once again. I mainly chose excluded ones and I think that the six pictures are not enough. Ji-yong and I are always on a busy schedule and we are together from late night to dawn for almost all photo shoots. We are now familiar with night work. Even if there is a brilliant idea or a fancy artwork, there is nothing like a screen-dominating facial expression of an artist that can bring such a tempting power and convey a message. In that sense, Ji-young is absolutely one of a kind. Looking at a big picture instead of focusing on a certain outfit or a pose is important. Pictures are not produced only by a photographer. The interaction between Ji-yong and I, and the subtle communication of emotions resulted in cool pictures.

G-DRAGON SPACE 8 is to be held from Tuesday, September 10, to Tuesday, September 17, at CAIS Gallery in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Those who have paid tickets for G-DRAGON 2013 1ST WORLD TOUR [ONE OF A KIND] THE FINAL can be admitted anytime during the open time (invitation tickets NOT admitted) and those who have a ticket included in G-DRAGON’s second official album can be admitted once.

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Source: Written by Hong Jang-hyun//Via Naver Starcast + teambigbang


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