[NEWS] Seungri chosen as MC for Japan’s Fuji TV main program “Motejou 100"! (130925)

| Wednesday, September 25

BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI is arousing much attention for being chosen as the first foreign artist to MC on Japanese national television. 

The much-anticipated show is Fuji TV’s main program “Motejou 100” that will be aired from Sept 27. This is especially meaningful as it is the first main program in which SEUNGRI will take part. Another noteworthy point is that SEUNGRI is the first in Japanese broadcasting history for MC-ing on the local national television’s main program.

“Motejou 100” gets its title from popular women (‘moteru’ means popular and ‘jou’ women), which is a program that involves 100 women in different fields revealing their dating skills and different aspects of their lifestyle. They teach ‘unpopular’ men how to become popular. SEUNGRI will be MC-ing with a famous Japanese comedian Yamazaki Hironari. 

The staff of “Motejou 100” commented that they have chosen SEUNGRI because of his excellent performance on variety TV show program on “Room Share” last year on Fuji TV. They highly praised his talents and had him in mind as the MC of the upcoming show from the very beginning of the planning stage.

SEUNGRI’s excellent Japanese skills helped him be part of many Japanese variety shows including TBS’s “Sanma’s Karakuri TV” and Fuji TV’s “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke” for the last 4 years. He gained much popularity from the local audience from these programs. Many are excited to see more talents which SEUNGRI will show on “Motejou 100”, the first main program he MCs in Japan.

Meanwhile, he will be making an appearance in Zepp Fukuoka on Sept 25 for “Mezamashi LIVE ISLAND TOUR 2013 in Fukuoka”, while releasing his Japanese solo debut album “LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE” on Oct 9. This will mark his official kick-off as a solo artist in Japan. He and the rest of BIGBANG members will be holding Japan’s 6 largest dome tour, a first for a foreign artist. 

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