[NEWS] Seungri to attends Japan’s biggest event "Girls Award 2013" ! (130906)

| Friday, September 6

Seungri will join Japanese Actress, May J attend the Girls Award 2013 Autumn / Winter in this September 28.
On September 28, Girls Award 2013 Autumn / Winter will be held at National Gymnasia for the Tokyo Olympics. Girls Award is one of the biggest events in Japan that combines fashion and music. It draws nearly 30,000 audiences every year and this year’s theme is CINEMA PARADISE.

For this year, Bigbang’s Seungri was invited along with E-girls, 9nine, VERBAL (m-flo/TERIYAKI BOYZ ® ), May J., Itano Tomomi and other popular Japanese musicians. As Seungri appeared on various entertainment shows in Japan for four years, Seungri has been favored by many Japanese people. Thus, it is expected that he will draw many attentions at the Girls’ Award as well.

Meanwhile, Seungri is also releasing his solo debut album ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ in Japan on October 9. Not only he is participating in producing the album, but he also worked on writing all the tracks in the album. Seungri is currently promoting his album in Korea and his tracks are ranked on top 10 on music charts.

The Girls Award 2013 will be held at National Gymnasia for the Tokyo Olympics on September 28. 

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