[VIDEOS/PHOTO] Seungri's Twitter & Instagram Updates! (130926-28)

| Saturday, September 28

  • JAPAN ' 2013 Girls Awards ' I can't wait.!!!!  #SR  #Girlswards

  • @VERBAL_AMBUSH: "@ForvictoRi が楽屋に遊びに来てくれました!このあとの #GirlsAward2013 のステージ頑張って #BIGBANG Seung Ri dropped by before his set!"
  • 今日 日本 🇯🇵 '2 013 Girls Awards ' スペシャル STAGE' V.i From BigBang ' お楽しみに!! #SR#Girls awards

  • [VIDEO] Seung Ri: "SNL Korea host Seung ri From Bigbang '시루떡 보이즈' part 1 #SR#SNLKOREA#시루떡보이즈"

  • [VIDEO] Seung Ri: "SNL Korea 🇰🇷 Host Seung ri From Bigbang ''Steamed Rice-Cake Boys part 2 ' Ok? Ok!!!'

  • Fan: Oppa, you really went filming?
  • Seungri: Oppa just finished now~^^

  • Fan: I bought your album in Korea
  • Seungri: Buy in Japan too!!!
  • Fan: I having a mental breakdown because of Math. What to do?
  • Seungri: Rest a bit and have some coffee? Let's meet at a coffee shop in Harajuku!!!

  • Fan: Oppa, I'm in my seniour year in high school and I'm  so sleepy. What do i do?
  • Seungri: Pull yourself together

  • Fan: Oppa, what do you want to eat? Tell me. I'll buy you when you're in Korea
  • Seungri: Tangsuyuk [NOTE: Tangsuyuk (탕수육), the Koreanized version of sweet and sour pork or orange chicken.]

  • Fan: I listen to your songs and work hard everyday. Thanks for your awesome songs! 
  • Seungri: The album will just be released in Japan on 10/9. How do you listen to them? I want you to listen to the Japanese versions properly.

  • Fan: Oppa, I miss you
  • Seungri: Me too. I miss Korean VIPs. You guys are doing ok, right?

  • Daedu means "big head"

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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