[PHOTOS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "Cold Tokyo..."! (130927)

| Friday, September 27

Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "Cold Tokyo...!"
The weather in Tokyo suddenly became cold! How! Because when I came to Japan I only brought summer clothes! wwww I don't have time to go shopping. I should ask TOP-ssi for a favor www He always brings a lot of clothes for winter! Maybe he only has winter clothes, I'm not sure www The TOP-ssi who hates shorts! www

This morning * ¥ (^ o ^) / * more "Otoko no bar meshi"!! What food will be introduced? Please look forward to it!

Tomorrow is the rehearsal for '2013 Girls Awards'!! Tomorrow I will be in the best spirits!

Finally tonight my first On-Air as the main MC of Fuji TV's "Popular Girls 100" will be at 1:00 AM! If many people watch it they will think about doing more! Everyone! Please watch it!

And lastly, a picture from this past week's NHK 'Music Japan'! The first performance of the title track from this album 'Let's Talk About Love.' It was kind of a weird feeling performing alone on a Japanese music program's Live. ww Even so, because I did my best, it's okay!

I met with everyone in 'Perfume' after a long time on 'Music Japan'! Everyone in 'Perfume' has gotten prettier! I'm jealous! www Please watch out for NHK 'Music Japan' 10/3 On-air!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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