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| Tuesday, September 3
Seungri’s Interview on WWD Japan Magazine. . 

WWD: What is your favorite type?
Seungri: I like women with good reaction and with beautiful voice. I’m busy and won’t be able meet frequently so I would like someone who will give me power just by talking on the phone. If she says “Seungri~ aren’t you tired?” with beautiful voice even I’m tired I would say “Not at all. I’m fine.” And I also keep in mind I’ll never get mad at her and always try to amuse her. Even when I’m tired or not in the mood I want to please her. I have this feeling towards the fans too.

WWD: Where would you take a girl on a date?
Seungri: I love to talk so I would take her to a good restaurant and eat and talk. I would let her eat and say “Eat this! Isn’t is good?” and I want to see her say “What is this, it’s so good!!” Japanese food is very popular in Korea now. There are many sushi, teppan yaki, sukiyaki restaurants with famous chefs. I love Japan and I know many things so I would be able to talk about Japanese food.

WWD: What words would you say when you flirt?
Seungri: Straightly, “I like you but do you like me? Answer now.” I would say to answer now. And if she says she would have to think, that’s not good. I want to know her feelings at the moment without thinking.

WWD: Your title you would release is LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE. Does this mean let’s talk about love with you VI?
Seungri: Yes. I was asked before “What is LOVE for you?” but I don’t know. So this time I wanted the concept of “What is love for you listeners? For me this is love.”

WWD: You’ve done songwriting and producing.
Seungri: Yes. I’m confident in Japanese so I wrote in Japanese. There are differences in expression between Korean and Japanese. I tried to put more ‘depth’ in so it would touch Japanese fans’ heart. I couldn’t sleep thinking and worrying “is this expression good? or this?”

WWD: What is your inspiration while songwriting?
Seungri: Japanese drama and movies. I watch them frequently. There are differences in Korean and Japanese love stories. In Korea it’s straight like “I love you!” “I love you too!”. but in Japan it’s not straight like that. Women are shy and men worry what to do. Each has it’s charm.

WWD: Which song do you recall the most?
Seungri: GG BE. GG BE means sassy girl in Korean and this is a true story. I asked “where are you?” and she answered “at home.” But I found out she was at a club. I was deceived….. My message of this song is “There are many liar girls nowadays! Please do some reflection!!”

WWD: Message to fans and WWD readers please
Seungri: To fans. Both Bigbang and solo activities, we are pretty slow at releasing new songs, only about once in 1 year or 2. Fans ask “When is the new song?” “Can’t wait.” but we want to make good music as much as you love us and it takes time because we are serious. Please understand that. This solo album too I wanted to answer my fans and worked seriously. If people don’t buy my album I would die. I want to live long. H E L P M E. To WWD readers, I want fashionable people to listen to fashionable music. My album is fashionable so please listen!!!

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