[VIDEO] G-Dragon's "CROOKED" Review by Eat Your Kimchi! (130924)

| Tuesday, September 24

  • If you haven’t seen the music video yet, check it out here:

It also seems to be a lot of other people’s favourites, as it has more views that Coup d’Etat. I mean, Coup d’Etat is a pretty video and all, but the song is kinda…meh. We find Crooked a lot more accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, something that really excited us is 'Pitchfork’s review of Coup d’Etat'. If you’re not familiar with Pitchfork media, it’s pretty much a music website powerhouse that defines the musical tastes for a vast amount of people of this generation. We personally use Pitchfork a lot as well. While we don’t agree with all of its reviews, some of which we TREMENDOUSLY disagree with, Pitchfork has definitely introduced us to LOADS of music that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

Keep viewing this video till its reach more than 10 Millions viewers & more! Hwaiting!^o^

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