[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "Seung-chan Diary: "Best Arrival in Sapporo"! (130930)

| Monday, September 30

Seung-chan Diary: "Best Arrival in Sapporo" * ¥ (^ o ^) / *

Here is Sapporo!
I came to Sapporo for this next promotion! Before this, when I filmed Sanma-san's program, I went to Hokkaido's Yuubari, but it's my first time in Sapporo!
Psyched! The atmosphere is heating up!

Filming for STV's "Himano-You"!
'U-Style TV''s filming! And TVh "BBR"'s filming, and finally "Ichi-Oshi" was recorded!
Doesn't it seem like quite a hard schedule? But I had a great time ^^
Today only day I was a little sad but. I had fun! I am working hard because I will be happy if many people in Hokkaido can listen to my album!

Omo...rain. hehe.. Is the plane okay?

During the schedule, I ate Doenjang Ramen, but it was no joke.
This Doenjang ramen-eating Seungri! Please check him out in MOVIE!
Next year I will come back to Sapporo with BIGBANG on 1/4 for the Live at Sapporo Dome, so I'll see you again! I hope many fans can come to the concert!!!

Just arrived at the airport!
Until tomorrow's diary!
Sapporo! Today's feeling is the best!
Thank you!!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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