[VIDEOS] Extra scenes of Seungri on SNL Korea for Chuseok special! (130922)

| Sunday, September 22

  • Seungri acting like a fool on unaired clip of SNL Korea
A Dirty Carnival: The family told YSY that he looked like their youngest son who disappeared. YSY was touched by their saying, but acted like he doesn’t care. He does good things to the family, telling his men that he’s bullying. Seungri acted as a fool, who doesn’t realize YSY is a gangster. YSY acted like he was about to torture Seungri with water, but he cleaned up Seungri’s face instead. 
  • YSY: I’m bullying him. Boys in this age hate washing. YSY locked up Seungri in the cupboard. 
  • YSY: Seungri is in here, right? *acts about to bully Seungri* *opens up the closet, as if it’s hide and seek* 
  • Seungri: FUN! Men grabbed Seungri, YSY put Seungri on his shoulders as if he wants Seungri to have fun* 
  • YSY: I’m bullying him. This tickles. 
  • Seungri: TICKLES!
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