[VIDEOS] Seungri's Interview on MTVK & Olleh TV! (130907)

| Saturday, September 7

Big Bang‘s maknae put some serious thought into his first solo release in over two years, and MTV K sat down with him for a quick interview about his second mini-album, Let’s Talk About Love. Seungri filled us in on his goals as a member of one of K-Pop’s hottest groups, his loyalty towards his fans all over the world, and more. He even has a fanboy moment about the artist he wants to work with the most. Trust us, VIPs, you won’t want to miss a second of this. 
  • Watch also Seungri's Interview on Olleh TV below:~

  • SEUNGRI's screencap:~
  •  SEUNGRI said TOP is more handsome than him...Kkkk~

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