[NEWS] Seungchan's Diary: "This Short Time... Goodbye" (131022)

| Wednesday, October 23

Seungchan's Diary : "This Short Time... Goodbye^^"  (131022)

Promotions for my Japanese debut solo album "Let's Talk About Love" have ended.

Even though these activities only lasted for 1 month, I am so happy that I got to meet fans in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo, and other cities. I think that thanks to the support of all of you, I was able to work hard and stay healthy through all the tight schedules. 

Thank you.

I think that through these results, I have done activities which can make the company in Korea, all my seniors, and all my members proud. 

Again, I want to say my thanks to Japanese fans and staffs! Because of various situations there are still many surprises that I can't talk about! Please look forward to them!!!heheheh

Because I really did so many different things hehehehehe it seems amazing.

I am back in Korea for a short time to practice and do rehearsals for BIGBANG's year-end Dome Tour. I want to give back to everyone's anticipation, twice as much <T/N Seungri Partner: This is a famous line from the Japanese drama "Hanzawa Naoki"> hehehe fighting!

Since I'm not in Japan for the time being, I'm bummed. But since we promised to meet again at the year-end Dome Tour, I can endure it. 

Japan has become much better as I was able to settle things there one by one. I want to work harder so that I can become someone that many people admire! 

Once again, thank you to all the Japanese fans. 

Seungchan's diary is not over. For more various interesting contents! Please stick around! Even now doing things that make everyone happy is really fun hahahaha

I am now in my house with the red carpet I haven't seen in a while! Goodnight!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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