[VIDEO] G-Dragon & Hyungdon @ Infinite Challenge Music Festival (131102)

| Saturday, November 2

TRANSLATIONS (Related Part of GD Only):~
  • Most various kinds of music among all the previous song festivals
  • *people walking in the streets* JHD: Hey, did you hear? They're saying "Jeong Hyungdon." 
  • GD: I heard G-Dragon. Gil: Me too.
  • JHD: Why are you being like this in front of people? GD: I like you myself though. -tho ppl are talking about GD.
  • JHD is waving his hands to the people in the car. GD smiles* JHD: You drive. Don't look outside. I'll wave.
  • YJS: GD had a lot of schedule abroad, so I assume you didn't have much time to practice? JHD: We had 1 day, yesterday.
  • JHD: You said BOA is genius, following all the choreo in 5 mins. But practicing w/ GD ytd, I think GD's 100% made of effort.
  • YJS: *laughing* But GD's SO good at dancing! JHD: He makes A LOT of mistakes.
  • JHD: GD got rid of all the hard moves that I practiced before and replaced them w/ the moves he's convenient with.
  • JHD: GD put his arms around me and I asked why so sudden, he answered there are lots of cameras today.
  • GD [CAP] [There are lots of cameras here as well.]
  • GD gives pigeon hair-band. DJ: But this is so obvious, Yong. I know I like peace, but... *GD points at the wing. [CAP] 1 more.//listening to GD&HD's song. JHD: This is our music. Trip. no, Trap. DJ: Trip means journey. GD LAUGHS.
  • JHD: At the end of the performance, I'll bully GD. So you show up and save GD, pulling me away from him, for peace.[CAP] GD&JHD [Next turn becomes nervous.]
  • YJS: Next is the ones whom "We Got Married" wants. -YJS meant GD&JHD
  • YJS: GD&JHD* Their music is called, "Try to Do"
  • GD&JHD interview* [CAP] swagger. high-light antenna + nose piercing. early 1990s gangsters? JHD: We're strong men.
  • What the other members' rehearsals looked like? JHD: Not like I expected, they're all weak. As expected, we're superstars.
  • JHD: There is sth strong that we didn't show at the rehearsal. GD: We will show everything today. JHD: Everything.
  • JHD: At this autumn, let's Try to Do much love~ *GD points like JHD* JHD: Oh you does this like me. [CAP] [YES BABY~!] NHC: how many points would you give to your partner, out of 100? JHD: GD gave me more than the points. I... like you.
  • NHC: JHD took off his clothes at the end? GD: Firstly, he has the body that I really like. NHC: In words? GD: Milk. Baby skin.
  • NHC: Ayy, you must show your passion till end. *means take off your jacket once again- JHD: people here want to see GD, not me.
  • JHD tries to make GD take off his jacket [CAP] [Take it off]
  • NHC: Then how about taking off sunglasses to show your eyes instead of jacket? GD takes off* [CAP] [CHIC]JHD kisses GD on his cheek.
  • BOA: I made a promise, if Gil success his cap dance, I'll kiss him on the cheek
  • "Kiss Kiss!" Gil: Why don't you kiss?! JJH kissed on KIMC cheek. YJS: How about KIMC kiss JJH this time? KIMC: Let's stop here
  • "Kiss Kiss!" GD just pretended to kiss on JHD's cheek. PMS: Wow, you're good at variety show. GD laughing, looking at Gil who thinks he got a kiss from BOA but in fact from YJS. GD: It was not like when I did w/ PMS. MS.. is hard. HD, easy. JHD: It's been 8 yrs... MS's hard.
  • JHD: It's been 8 yrs... and still, MS's hard for me to handle too. GD LAUGHS
  • JHD: I'm not sad, but I'll miss him very much. GD: Finishing today, I'm changing my phone number.
  • GD: He wants BestCouple Prize at the Awards. JHD: You aren't coming, right? GD: I am, if we get prize.

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