[PHOTOS] Seungchan's Diary: "My Voice that Flowed Out on Japanese Radio" (131009)

| Wednesday, October 9
Seungchan's Diary: "My Voice that Flowed Out on Japanese Radio"

Today! There was a lot of radio to record but! I had an extremely great time! Here's when I did FM-FUJI [SUNDAY IN THE PARK]!

At the Tokyo Release Event I met Narayoshitaka-san who I am indebted to, again!
It was my first time meeting Kanno-san but it was a really fun broadcast!
QR[Click Seung? ~LIVE 4 LIVE~]'s broadcast is at 2AM but it is really exciting!
DJ Sone-san is really funny!!. What did I do on the radio! Please anticipate the OA!!!

Finally today!
The release day of my debut solo album in Japan!
Japan's Oricon Daily Chart 1st place!!!
Please check out my joyful heart in the Movie!

In order to give his congratulations, our Daesung hyung! Thank you!!
Today, I am sooooooo happy!
Everyone! I want to! Toast! (T/N: As in "Toast a celebration" or "Say 'cheers'")
From now on, let's all work hard!

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

Source: @acetory//@partner-vi + Trans: @madaboutmaddy


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