[PHOTOS] Seungchan's Diary Update: "Welcome to Japan - Seungri's Hospitality" (131021)

| Monday, October 21

Seungchan's Diary : "Welcome to Japan - Seungri's Hospitality" (131021)

The actor Guwon and Chory who works as a Party Planner both came to Japan from Korea! And! It was their first vacation in Japan!
I knew that I wanted to give those two memories of the best things in Japan. I want to say "Japan is the best country!!" ^ _ ^ 
I think that my feelings are similar to everybody living in Japan. I want to feed them the best food, and take them to good places!

I took a vacation from the office, and am guiding them around ^ ^ Most recently we went to Harajuku to eat some of my favorite tonkatsu.
I told Chory I really like the hat that he is wearing heheh(笑)<Seungri Partner T/N: I think he is talking about the interesting pattern on Chory's hat in the picture>
Since Guwon is a really good looking guy hehehe while we were walking around, all the girls were saying so hehe

If I see these two people say that Japan is fun, I can smile ^ ^

I'm scheduled to go to my power spot Disney Land with everyone. If I go it will be my 13th time hehehe 
The joy that I feel, I will work hard to give my friends the same feeling!

Lastly, Guwon and Chory gave the okay to put this picture up! Thanks!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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