[PHOTOS] Seungchan's Diary Updates! (131003-04)

| Friday, October 4

[131003] Seungchan's Diary - 'Seungri is Hong Gil Dong'

Hong Gil Dong is a Korean historical character who frequently went here & there. He was a historical character who traveled to various places and helped various people. Today I was like Hong Gil Dong!
This morning I did a recording for the Japanese TV music program 'Music Dragon.'
Did you watch NHK's Music Japan? How was it??
I haven't been able to watch it yet but! I worked really hard on today's recording too so everyone please watch! The on air is 10/11! 
There was a performance tonight so right now I am in Korea hehe.
Just like Hong Gil Dong, one moment here, one moment there. hahahha
I was with GD who I haven't seen in a while!
I think he came from Shanghai. We're all working hard in many places haha

Long awaited! A movie of the stage with GD is up! Please watch!

Now I am eating with my parents who I haven't seen in a while. Well then! More! Tomorrow!

> [131004] Seungchan's Diary - 'A colleague I met in music

This morning it was announced that I would be singing with May J on her new song. I wanna do this, I wanna do this so I couldn't help it hehehehe (t/n partnervi mentioned that this is a saying in Japanese? So I think it might a variation of the one that he uses frequently "it can't be helped, there is no time, I'm sorry")

Did I say that I have a lot of news?!
May J sang on the song "I know" for my album "Let's Talk About Love!" I am so happy I ended up singing on May J's song! May J came all the way to Korea, and when she recorded she promised "Let's meet again somewhere," but we ended up singing together again! Besides, the song "I Believe" is popular in Korea as well, and I would sing the song at karaoke but to end up singing the song for real is such a strange feeling! Hahahahahah
Look at this! May J is so nice!

Whenever we are working in the same place we definitely greet each other and talk ^^ May J sometimes would try to pull out her English, it was difficult sometimes, but (heheh) amazing! Such a good person! It seems that because she has a pretty heart, she can use her pretty voice! That's what I think!
I think all of you and all of May J's fans will be extremely happy with the songs "I know" and "I Believe"! Everyone, please listen. Again, May J, thank you!

Tomorrow! Finally! The 'Let's Talk About Love' release event in Tokyo! I think tomorrow will certainly be dangerous! Hehe my event is fun so! It's good if everyone comes! Well then, tomorrow!

Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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