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| Wednesday, October 9
  • > Seungriseyo: "SR #comdesgarcons"seungriseyo's video JAPAN Oricon Daily chart Rank No.1 「Let's talk about Love」 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽŠ with #Daesung 
Seungri's's replies during the special Twitter event by YGEX, in celebration of the release of his Japanese single "Let's Talk About Love":~
  • What do you say to the girl you like? RI: I like you.
  • Seungchan! Do you like VIPs? RI: I like them a lot.
  • The happiest moment? RI: When I'm standing on the stage.
  • What do you wanna be like in 10 years? RI: I want to be the best MC in Japan.
  • What do you two, you and D-Lite, talk about when you're together? RI: We don't speak that much when two of us are together....
  • Did you get congratulation calls for your Japan debut from BB members? RI: It's alright. Our hearts are connected.
  • Do you remember your first kiss? RI: In an umbrella, and it was raining so hard.
  • Do you think your eyes will become bigger? DAE: I think the size of my eyes is just good now.
  • Do you prefer a girl speaking in formal words? or using emoticons a lot? RI: replying to me so hard with cute emoticons.
  • Seungchan! Do you talk to the girl you like first? or do you usually let the girl talk to you first? RI: I talk to her first.
  • Do you like the girl tall? or short? RI: I don't really care.
  • Which is cuter, Dae smiling or VIP smiling? RI: I can't compare.
  • Is Daesung a pervert? RI: Of course.
Daesung and Seungri at Seungri Q/A twitter event
  • What happen when you're drunk? RI: I become a very cute person.
  • Seungchan, how do you show your love? RI: It's important to express your affection.
  • Seungchan, are you S or M? RI: S. for the Strong Baby.
  • What part do you like about Seungchan? DAE: EARS!
  • If you're a girl, which BB member you want to date with? RI: I would die....
  • What will u do if you think it's the love that will never work? RI: Love means two ppl like each other. I'll give up, respecting her.
  • Why aren't you come to russia? you have lots of fans here. RI: It depends on how you work!
  • Congrats on your #1. I cried at "I don't need that kind of love." Are you in love now? RI: Yes. With You...!
  • Who do you want to share this happiness with? RI: G-DRAGON! Are you watching?!
  • Do you like dogs more? or cats? or... panda? RI: I'm Seungri, 
  • I miss the person I like so much, but what if I can't see him? RI: Consider it precious the fact that you have someone you like.
  • What will you do after this mention time ends? RI: I'll go eat something with Daesung since we met first time in a long time~^^
  • How can I be good at Japanese like you? Tell me the secret! RI: Most important thing is to enjoy!
  • Do you think white lies are necessary from time to time when you're dating? RI: It's needed when needed!//You wanna marry me? Or reply to me? *tears* RI: I'll reply ^^
  • If Mr.YG and your girl friend are about to drown! Who will you save? RI: Mr.YG swims well.. I'll save my girl friend!!//I become foolish when it comes to Seungri and Daesung! Give my heart back! RI: I won't give you back!
  • What's your favorite hair color? RI: Black.//What words from a fan make you happy? RI: Thank you!
  • I want Seungri's solo tour!!! RI: Ask YGEX properly!
  • Do you think yourself handsome? RI: No, I don't think so.
  • Please scold me. RI: You, come here.//I want to eat Daesung hahaha RI: Help yourself.
  • Have you ever wanted to become the oldest member in BB, rather than being the youngest? RI: No!
  • Do you know Kazakhstan? RI: Of course I know.
  • Have you ever experienced falling in love at the first sight? RI: Yes.
  • What birthday gift have made you the happiest? RI: A letter from my mom.
  • Who was your first love? RI: She liked studying
  • Which part do you look first when you see females? RI: Her eyes.
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