[VIDEO] BIGBANG Message for Seungri's Japanese Album 'SUBBED'! (131008)

| Monday, October 14

  • Taeyang: "V:I will make his solo debut in Japan on the 25th of September (They filming this long time ago so V.I's debut in Japan its actually on 10th October) The album title is 'Lets Talk About Love'
  • Taeyang: "Please sing for a bit.
  • GD: Whats the meaning?
  • V.I: (The meaning is) Lets talk about love.... with fans and the listeners to talk about love deeply and such..
  • Taeyang: So that everyone can feel his charm as an artist, V.I himself has personally produced his album, so please look forward to it...
  • V.I: :I've worked hard, so I'll be happy if many people would listen to my album. TOP-san, dont you have anything to say for my debut album in Japan? Any supporting words?
  • TOP-san: "Im supporting you"
  • V.I: Just as I thought... (Laugh)
  • DLITE: Congratulations..
  • V.I: Thank you.. D-Lite san, is there anything you wanted to say?
  • D-LITE: V.I is always working hard.. I always believe in him..
  • V.I: "Please give me some power... G-Dragon-san, as a leader do you have anything to say to this youngest member? Any supporting words? Please say something.."
  • GD: I really want to listen to V.I's new album.
  • V.I: Want to listen?.. Because of the support and strength from my members, Im not so scared anymore. I'll do my best in Japan. Please take care of V.I!
Seungri live at Sonic Fun Radio. He's holding his Japanese album of "Let's Talk About Love"

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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