[VIDEOS] WIN: Final Battle Episode 10 "With YG Family" (131025)

| Friday, October 25

  • Seungri cut + Winner's Performances + GD's Stage

Live TRANS (Only BIGBANG Related)
  • Daesung: The time flies, whole 8 years already. BB also did the survival program, I understand how they are feeling so well.
  • Taeyang: TeamA practiced with me before. I think they improved in such a short time.
  • Taeyang: Now they're enjoying the stage and that looks natural. You've worked hard.
  • Daesung: For me, Taehyun. You have such a long hair today. It seems like you were enjoying the stage very much.
  • Daesung: The choreo that has impact like that, the choreo called "Get Attatched to Me." Mr. YG likes that kind of thing.
YG FAMILY Special Stage-

  • RI: Mr.YG likes survival so much, and I understand it. But all trainees have worked so hard.
  • RI: I don't know, Mr. YG!!! Please!! Make all 11 of them debut!!!! They've worked so hard!!!! *YG starts to hit RI with a pillow.
  • Jinhwan suggested GD's SHAKE THE WORLD as their dance performance music. "It's the music people hear when we're on tv."
  • Seungri says he understand WIN's feeling right now since he was once dropped out of BIGBANG before~
  • Taeyang: You all must have been very nervous last few months, I know and I understand.
  • Taeyang: Don't mind winning or losing, be happy making this kind of stage in front of these people.
  • Taeyang: I hope you keep this heart and do your music, enjoy the stage. Thank you for the good stages. You've worked hard.
  • Seungri: I couldn't get into BB once, I know everyone can't hear me no matter what I say. You've all looked awesome, Y'all the best! 
  • #TeamAisWINNER, Cheer up Team B fans! Think that they are going to train more to become better performers

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