[NEWS] T.O.P’s Unique Tactic a Success Even With No TV Promo! (131118)

| Monday, November 18

[OSEN=황미현 기자] BIGBANG’s T.O.P has definitely positioned himself as a highflier by sweeping across music charts with the song he showcased for the first time in 3 years. This is even more special as he did not appear on TV for promotion yet.

On Nov 15 T.O.P’s new song ‘Doom Dada’ was released, a song which focuses more on T.O.P’s colors rather than the public appeal. His latest song ranked #1 immediately after its release, not only on major music charts but also on iTunes chart. This is a record set simply by unveiling the song and its peculiar music video, without even having to appear on TV.

The high-flying performance comes as a special one because the new song holds the colors and characteristics unique to T.O.P. A song that has little appeal to the public normally does not do well on charts, so it is quite a rare event that T.O.P’s idiosyncratic song has been standing at the very top of 3 major music charts.

The swarmed attention is attributable to the song that expresses T.O.P’s desired images and sounds that he released as solo for the first time in 3 years. The music video that was unveiled in the evening of Nov 15 plays peculiar and eerie scenes with a child wearing a creepy mask. The images from the music video were indeed peculiar, which is something hardly seen in South Korea.
T.O.P has been recently extolled for his acting in the film ‘Commitment’ that he starred, and many comment that this music video seems like another film. It is arousing much attention because T.O.P was directly involved with the production, as he personally designed the general picture and ideas for the video.

Apart from this, T.O.P was in full charge of writing and composing ‘Doom Dada’. T.O.P’s musical talents were already proven in 2010 through his self-written and composed solo song ‘Turn It Up,’ so many were excited to see another attention-catching song created by the music genius.

At the interview with OSEN, T.O.P commented, “I am confident about my solo song. It is going to be a powerful one,” and added, “And there will be another feature, the music video that has come out nicely.”

T.O.P will be joining other BIGBANG members for Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour, for the first time as foreign artists, starting from Nov 16. 

  • > Check also the "DOOM DADA" MV below:~

Source: @ygent_official//Trans:@huisuyoon


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