[VIDEO] Taeyang, Seungri & Daesung on WIN: Episode 11! (131102)

| Saturday, November 2

Translations Starting @31:00: Taeyang, Daesung & Seungri's cut on WIN: Episode 11
  • Taeyang: "I was very happy to see the ones whom I help a little become WINNER, wanted to give my congrats. Actually, they should do well from now on. Till now, it was just a preparation like we all did as well. But in the procedure, they got a chance to be on the stage and work together, it's a bless. Hope they will be more mature as having this kinda chance, and hope they get love from more ppl from now on..."
  • Seungri: "I was eliminated once on BIGBANG survival program and I know the feelings so well. Eleven of them must be very nervous on the stage. Their friends and parents are there, the whole world is watching LIVE, the moment WINNER is decided. I want to conratulate team A, and to teamB, I hope you have stronger and firmer dream that you want to be a singer."
  • Daesung: "5 years later, we are all becoming nothing. Tukutz: The more they become good, the older we'll be. Actually what's the difference. Team A starting first or team B starting first. There are flower blooms in spring, and fall. The flower will definitely bloom, no doubt. One just endures and waits for it...."
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