[PHOTOS] BIGBANG Fan Meeting in Yokohama 'Day 1' (140219)

| Wednesday, February 19

  • Fan Account below:~
At BigBang Fanmeet on 2/18 19:00~ (Yokohama Venue) a fan got her money stolen by a man who sat next to her at the venue. He was with a woman, and are both not Japanese. (By the report of the fan, they were speaking Chinese but not sure of their nationality)

The fan found her wallet on the floor after the Fanmeet and asked the man why he had her wallet. The man said he didn’t do anything, and while that the woman who was with him is believed to have left with the stolen money.

It’s very sad that the fan had to go through this kind of tragedy on the day of the Fanmeet. It should have been a fun day, not a sad day.

To those of you who are planning to attend, please be careful. The suspects could attend the other Fanmeets in Japan as well.
Stay with us for more updates! ^^

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