[VIDEO] Seungri Cut on WINNER TV "Episode 8" (140201)

| Saturday, February 1

BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI transformed himself into his boss, YANG HYUN SUK.

In the 8th episode of WINNER TV on Mnet, members of WINNER were featured doing a parody of the drama ‘The Heirs.’

On the show, the YANG-turned-SEUNGRI appears on screen, talking to his “wife.” When NAM TAEHYUN says, “Boss,” he goes, “How long have you been in here? Sit down.”

SEUNGRI adds, “Why do you keep seeing Tan? I will give you 10 days. You break up before time is up. I talked to Park Jin Young and Yoo Hee Yeol already, so I will give you a casting card. Go to JYP or Antenna Music, or whatever.”

SEUNGRI, impersonating YANG, also parodied K-Pop Star 3, where YANG appears as one of the judges.

Meanwhile, NAM TAEHYUN and KIM JINWOO surprised the fans with their women looks.

  • Watch Seungri cut on Winner TV (Episode 8) below:~

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