[VIDEO] BIGBANG for YG Family ‘Power’ Tour in Japan Promo Message! (140411)

| Friday, April 11

Guess who's going on a world tour? Why, it's all your favorite YG Entertainment artists according to the recent YG-Life blog post!

Previously, according to the press release sent out to the media, Big Bang, Psy, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi, and WINNER will be coming together to present concerts kicking off in Japan!

The tour will start off at April 12-13 at the Osaka Kyocera Dome and May 3-4 at Tokyo Dome in Japan before moving onto other parts of the world.

The last family concert brought in 200,000 audience members in Korea and Japan, but this year, the Japan leg of the tour alone will bring in 210,000!

That's it for the information so far revealed on this exciting event, so stay tuned for updates to come!

  • Watch the video below:~

  • Translations:
Daesung: Heartwarming stage by YG Family is waiting for you. Performance by each team is of course, and collaboration stage is also one of the attractions.

Seungri: We have prepare a lot of stage that we can dance, sing and laugh together. We would like all of you to have fun at YG Family concert venue. So, we’re waiting for all of you at the venue 
All: That’s all from Big Bang :D

Stay with us for more updates!

    Source: @ygentertainment//Trans: @marthapido


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