[PHOTOS] Taeyang at "RISE" Premiere Event! (140602)

| Monday, June 2

TaeYang's press conference is somewhat grand scale. YG cared about it after a long time, Taeyang said, "I will work and promote actively when the album comes out. I have many things on broadcasts, because there comes the World Cup soon. So I want to promote with various performances. I'm thinking about it now. 

"I like Tablo hyung's lyrics personally. I loved and admired his last albums. So, I asked if her can write lyrics for my songs, and he accepted it gladly. My personal favorite lyrics are no.8 track "Let Go". It has a good story. Please listen to it..."

He continued, "Jiyong is really awesome. Because I see him as a friend beside him, I feel something different (from others). Since G-Dragon's last album gained great results. I was thinking I want to be loved a lot with this album too. I determined not to make an album that falls behind, but I don't have sense of rivalry with G-Dragon. 

"The Eyes Nose Lips" MV is One-take music video. I could film it just twice, when the sun rised and set. A filming set where some pictures are burning was able to be used only two times. So i tried to concentrate on the emotions. We took first take for the MV. The actress is Min HyoRin who has pretty eyes, nose and lips. She is related to "1AM music video.

"Honestly, I was feeling tired as the album kept being delayed. The are lots of rooms for producers in YG, and it took much time to make room for me. It was hard to wait for my room to be made, because the timing/date to release the album was not settled and it kept being changed. I thought of my fans who have waiting for 4 years when i felt tired."

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