[PHOTO/VIDEO] G-Dragon, T.O.P & Taeyang for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! (140823)

| Saturday, August 23

  • T.O.P
Hello, this is T.O.P Choi SeungHyun. I'm glad to participate in "Ice Bucket Challenge" from the fund-raising campaign to develope medical treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease aka ALS. I was nominated by the singer Boa and the actor Jo SeungWoo.
 I'm thankful to them for being together for a good work. I will participate in the campaign by donating to "Seungil Foundation" that works hard for the patients, instead of doing Ice bucket shower. Since it's a good act, I hope my participation will be helpful to the patients who are suffering, and I hope more people pay attention to it(campaign).

Many people have nominated me for the #ALS #icebucketchallenge :) Through this, I think many people have started paying attention to those who are battling this rather unknown disease. Not only because I was nominated, but since it's such a beautiful thing to do, I wanted to participate on my will. Pouring ice water over yourself and feeling their pain even for a short amount of time is also a very precious thing to do, but I decides to donate to "Seungil Hope Foundation" with all my heart. As our small hearts are gathering, the world becoming a more beautiful little by little. i will ask  for more love and interest towards it (ALS). 

G-DRAGON:: "Blessed to be a part of this please donate! #alsicebucketchallenge Nominated by:@jinusean3000 , @verbal_ambush ,@angelababyct I nominate : #양현석회장님 #이수만회장님 #박진영피디님 And also I've donated $81,800USD for ALS on my B-DAY so...부디 잘 부탁드립니다 기대할게요 😎 I hope everyone will support and show love 

NOTE:: Taeyang and TOP donates for ALS instead of doing the ice bucket challenge. We'll be update #IceBucketChallenge for Daesung & Seungri once available soon!

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